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Why iHEAL?

iHEAL Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Past Life Regression is the only Quantum Healing Hypnosis course in the world that offers not only online learning, but one to one training sessions with the course founder and iHEAL Quantum Healer Ellie Garnham.

This level of commitment and dedication to your learning and development far surpasses any other quantum hypnosis certification; far more superior, indepth, and packed with modern, up to date training that will set you up for ultimate success in your business.

Bonus Winning Formulas

50% discount (save a whopping $277) of your iHEAL Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Past Life Regression.

Reap the benefits of psychic upgrades and clear past life blocks - see how powerful the transformations are for yourself before you work with your clients.

Past Life Meditation and Healing included in your course.

Payment plans available with instant access.

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Scripts & Guides

All the scripts, guides, healings, and clearings required to set you up for success in every single session.

All the questions to ask no matter what scenario or scene your client is guided into.

Tools and Applications

Many quantum healing courses only offer you the ability to guide your client through just past lives.

But what they don't offer, is any direction or guidance into setting up your business.

From website design guidance, to online applications needed to integrate into your website to have your clients book, is included.

Insurance, policies and liability waivers have been incorporated.

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You aren't alone

You'll receive exclusive access into the private, dedicated facebook group where you can share your experiences, learnings, and tips with others.

You'll be able to organise online session swaps with other students and now qualified practitioners.

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