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What will it cost me and how can I make that money back?

This course has been designed in a way that makes it's accessible for all.

It is very affordable with payment plans available.

How can I make the money back?

When you certify, you'll be able to practice professionally as an iHEAL Quantum Healer.

Most iHEAL Quantum Healers charge between $300 - $700 a session.

What's so great about this line of work, is that you are working in service to others. When you are working in this way, the Universe pays you back through incredible ways.

You'll have the opportunity to work with your higher self, pendulum and intuition to co-create a price that feels right for you.

Let's look at an example...

The Teacher and Founder, who you will learn directly with; Ellie Garnham, charges $555 for a 3.5 hour session and $1111 for a 6 hour session.

On average, she has 3 client's a week now that she is teaching mostly to students of the iHEAL Quantum Healing course.

Let's say she has 3 clients for the $555 sessions per week: 3 x 555 = $1665.

You have the potential to make back the cost of the entire course in just THREE weeks!

Remember, money is simply energy. Energy is infinite. It is only the limiting beliefs that you have, that are stopping you from receiving. Working with Ellie will clear these limiting beliefs so that you are not only able to create your own business, but make a lot of money in doing so living your most happiest, thriving and successful timeline.


Ultimate one on one support directly with Ellie Garnham.

Personal Energy Healings incorporated throughout.


x5 One Hour Mentor Sessions worth over $1000

+ FREE iHEAL Past Life Regression ​meditation


+ 50% discount off iHEAL Quantum Healing session with Ellie - Save $277

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