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What does an iHEAL Quantum Healing session look like?

If you have never experienced a Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Past Life Regression for yourself, then you'll need to know what a session looks like in order to guide your client on their journey.

This is covered in depth throughout the iHEAL Quantum Healing course.

You'll also receive a whopping 50% off a full iHEAL Quantum Healing yourself as part of the course.

Here, we will clear the blocks stopping you from stepping into your purpose and activate your spiritual psychic gifts so that you can become the best version of yourself living in your highest most successful and abundant timeline.

Let's take a look below, at a typical iHEAL Quantum Healing journey.

Your iHEAL Quantum Healing journey with clients

Stage One

Stage Two

Stage Three

Stage Four

Stage Five

Life Review followed by Questions summary & creating an Intention for your journey together. The overall outcome your client would like to receive.

Intention Ritual followed by a beautiful Spiritual Guide & Higher Self activation before gently inducing your client into a beautiful relaxed state.

Guide your client into hypnosis & into the realm of Past lives & alternate realms. It's here your client may journey into different realities,, connecting with Soul family, passed loved ones, Galactic Beings, Angels and Rays of Consciousness.

Guide your client into Higher Self channeling & clear blocks, attachments, & release vows, contracts, fears & phobias, as well as clearing any cords, entities or lower vibrational energy. Here you'll also speak to the higher self and ask to activate ALL spiritual psychic gifts that your client needs to rapidly move them into their highest most successful timeline embodying their soul's purpose. Activating their divine remembrance & soul truth.

Conclude with a full body healing & grounding before gently guiding your client back into awareness and short debrief.

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