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Not only will you learn the following, you'll be confident and excited to begin offering this service professionally.

What's covered...


How to work with Energy.

Connecting with your energy.

Energy Healing Techniques.

Calling in Angelic Beings and Source for Healing.

How to create a safe and sacred space for your clients.

How to navigate your client's life review.

Non-bias and neutral conversation to allow your client to express themselves without judgement.

Rituals and Induction

How to create an Intention ceremony.

How to call in spiritual teams for support, amplification, and healing.

How to guide your client into their past lives, alternate realities and different densities.

How to guide your client into each life, navigate scenes and dialogue to allow for an easy transition.

Step by step guide for the entire regression.


Develop your own intuition

Psychic upgrades on yourself.

Past Life healing and clearing for yourself.

Clear money blocks energetically so you can begin to receive large sums of money in exchange for your offering to clients.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Healing.

Hypnosis Training Techniques.

Theta Hypnosis Training.

How to access Past Lives and why it's so important.

Akashic Records Training

Higher Self and Beings of Light

How to call in and work with the Higher Self of the client for healing, clearing of programming and blocks, clearing of vows, contracts, disease, and psychic upgrades.

How to clear lower entities and negative energy from the space and your client.

How to work with different beings, galactice races, soul groups and angels.


How to create your successful business.

All the tools and applications you need to create a thriving and well organised fully functional and operational business that is automated and seamless.

Insurance, registrations and governing bodies information.

Terms and conditions, liability waivers, disclaimers and payment conditions included for you to modify and use for your business.


How to create your space.

Protection work.

Boundary Setting.

Managing your energy.

Importance of saying NO.

In person and online space setting.

The What If's

How to guide your clients through multiple scenarios including The Void, off world, hollow Earth, parallel realities, future and earlier timelines.

How to channel different energies through your clients for healing and energetic upgrades.


Free access to the student community where you can network, share learnings, tools and tips, and organise session swaps.

Receive full certification upon completion of course globally recognised.

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Advanced Practitioner Training

Personalised one to one mentor sessions with creator & founder of iHEAL Quantum Healing psychic Ellie Garnham.​

Energy Healing to shift, clear & release your own attachments & blocks so that you can channel & receive more guidance for yourself and your clients.​

Learn how to work with your energy & channel Source & Gaia for yourself & your clients.​

Learn hypnosis & the world class technique that will allow your clients to instantly fall into the most relaxed state so they receive everything they are meant to for their highest good.​

Learn how to access your own Akashic records to clear timelines and lifetimes that are calling to be acknowledged and healed. Accessing your records will activate your own psychic gifts being called to fully embody in your present life.​

Learn advanced Quantum Healing, how to heal timelines and lifetimes and ascend your client into their highest most successful & abundant timeline.​

Heal generational & ancestral trauma for your clients.​

How to create your own business being of service and creating huge transformations in your clients and all those you assist - create New Earth!​

Be your own BOSS! The tools and applications needed to set you up for success - never work for anyone else again! This line of work can be a huge MONEY MAKER!​

Gain access for life - your Scripts, Ceremonies & Rituals to ensure your clients maximise the time they have with you. These scripts are exactly the scripts course creator Ellie uses. You'll be able to have these for life!​

Trauma and Abuse coping mechanisms; how to hold space for your client to provide information on their experiences, learn how to gently guide them from victim consciousness into higher empowered and awakened state of being, activating their freedom & power.​

Activate your own intuition to connect into your client's experiences to understand the life lesson and purpose they choose to incarnate to receive.​

Learn how to use your energy to hold space for higher frequencies, galactic beings, the higher self, spiritual guides, ancestors and passed loved ones to channel through your client. This is where their own team is able to work on their body to activate psychic gifts, clear entities and lower energies including implants, upgrade and download higher awareness into their being.​

The single most detailed, advanced Quantum Healing & Past Life Regression Therapy course you can qualify with, in the world.​

Exclusive access to the private Facebook group dedicated to iHEAL Quantum Healing students; organise session swaps, connect & network, learn valuable tips.


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