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Let's talk about you...

Are you a match for iHEAL Technique?

So you're interested in becoming an iHEAL Quantum Healer, but is this right for you?

Meditation Class

Are you...

Are you wanting to do more with your life?

Are you yearning to help others and create a beautiful positive impact of those you work with?

Are you riddled with anxiety worried about bills and living paycheck to paycheck wondering when you're going to get a break?

Do you want to create your own business, work for yourself and be your own boss?

If you answered YES then I believe you are ready to receive, level up and expand yourself.
Invest in yourself and transform your life.

Create an incredible career, developing your own psychic abilities at the same time!

Are you a healer?
Or perhaps you are beginning to awaken to your higher purpose and feeling called to do more?

My spiritual awakening began when I was getting bullied in school around the age of 6.

My entire life (well the early years) was a constant battle of trying to fit in with the norm, whilst taking on other peoples emotions believing them to be mine.

I didn't have a very happy childhood, and as a result of what felt like a lifetime of abuse I developed gut disease in my early twenties.

Of course, at the time I didn't realise my disease stemmed from an abundance of negative energy festering in my gut. But it caused anorexia, acne and a heap of depressive episodes in my life that would flare up every now and again.

Mainstream Drs would mask my disease with pills that would fail to heal and get to the root cause of my disease.


In my career, I was thrown into a masculine role of recruitment which I hated. The constant KPIs, sales, and targets led to anxiety and stress which as a divine feminine, didn't match my frequency.

And so this was when I began soul searching. Wondering what the hell I am doing with my life and questioning my purpose.

Surely there was more than the 9-5?

Surely you're not just born, work in a job you hate for 40 years and then retire?

I began questioning EVERYTHING.

I was unhappy putting on a facade for others, trying to people please and meet their expectations of what they and society expected of me...

Enough was enough.

I decided I had to escape. I had to change because I just could not continue living this way.  This was when I was guided to Australia...

I mean... I had never lived away from "home" let alone on the other side of the world...

But there was a fire in my chest brewing. It felt like a claustrophobic feeling wanting to combust in my chest. A scream that wanted to escape at the thought of staying stagnant.

I had no reason to be in Australia. I had never really looked into the country prior. But there I was booking a one way flight and obtaining my visa.


Fast forward a few months and I arrive in the land down under.

As soon as I arrived, I felt HOME. Like nothing I had ever felt before, ever. I was there for a reason but I couldn't quite put my finger on the whys at the time.

As soon as I landed, my gut disease flared up and became so painful I nearly collapsed.


It was then that I was guided to alternative healing and discovered QUANTUM HEALING.


Let's just say for timesake...that one single session cleared my gut disease...BANISHED! Permanently cleared and healed.

 And ontop of that, I discovered my true purpose and reason I had experienced everything prior to get me to this point in time.

I had chosen those experiences to help empower others because I was meant to be a healer, and not just any healer. But someone that will help create change and transformation and enrich the lives of others.

Fast forward almost a decade and that's exactly what I am now doing and THRIVING in.

I am the strongest psychic I have ever been, I am accessing past lives easily, travelling and creating portals, channeling higher consciousness and teaching others like you the exact same.

I now get to work for myself in an empowered way, I receive a huge income consistently which I was never able to do whilst working for someone else. I co-create with the Universe the life I want to manifest every single day.

More than anything, I am HAPPY.

The point of this story is to remind you... that if you have that same fire in your chest, now is the time to ignite it.


We are all born as Human Beings, but there are only a few of us that go inward and realise just how powerful and gifted we are.

You are that person.

You did not incarnate to people please and conform to outdated standards and a broken society.

You came here to create, empower and embody.

Do you choose to remain the same or do you dare to ignite your flame and become your purpose?

Are you an Energy Healer?

Becoming an iHEAL Quantum Healer will make an incredible and potent addition to your healing abilities and offerings.

Take Reiki for example, it's a beautiful form of energy work but it only goes so deep.

My Reiki sessions are powerful. BUT, there is no greater form of energy healing than iHEAL QUANTUM HEALING.

Simply because where you can take your client, and what you and your client can receive in ONE SINGLE session is absolutely limitless.

You'll be able to clear contracts, vows, soul agreements, heal pain and disease, remove trauma, and activate your client's psychic gifts in ONE session.

Your role as faciliator is simply to guide them through their process.

You'll even be able to bring through your current abilities within healing into your iHEAL Quantum Healing sessions. That's why iHEAL Technique is far surpassing any other Quantum Healing modality on the planet.

Human Beings are evolving, and with more Starseeds and awakened Souls being born than ever before, Quantum Healing has needed to expand. 

Evolve with it and expand your own abilities at the same time.

Even if you have never worked with energy; if you have been guided here, TRUST IT.

You have been called for a higher purpose.

That's the beauty of this work. Anyone can do it! All you need is a genuine LOVE for humanity and want to help others.

I guide you and provide one on one training unlike any other healing modality on the planet!

No one else provides that hands on mentoring like iHEAL Quantum Healing.

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