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Healing, Clearing, & Ascension

Healing clearing and ascension go hand in hand are are all equally essential to your Soul's expansion here on Earth.⁠

But there are steps & an order to take that will help you to evolve gently but rapidly.⁠

First we heal. Then we clear and activate your gifts. Once here, we then ascend beyond the limitations of our human existence and truly embody our higher purpose accessing our psychic abilities.⁠

Heal yourself from trauma.⁠

Remove the burden you have been carrying your entire life, and other lifetimes before now.⁠

They are blocking you from receiving abundance and moving into your highest timeline.⁠

They are preventing you from reaching inside and accessing your own psychic abilities.⁠

They are preventing your team from channeling through to you.⁠

Your trauma is causing you physical & mental pain.⁠

So let's heal first.⁠

Once you heal, you then clear the way for higher guidance to come through. You clear your channel so that you can move into a higher vibration and into direct contact with your higher


You then begin to discover yourself, or rather rediscover your truth. Your origins, your purpose and your destiny.⁠

That's where you want to be isn't it?⁠

I will take you there.⁠

Once you are clearing, you are then ascending. It is here, that I help you unlock hidden light codes buried deep within your DNA. When this happens...bam your psychic abilities activate, they come online so that you can evolve your Soul, so that you can learn the mysteries of the cosmos, so that you can heal others & be of service. So that you can live your purpose and fulfil your mission here on Earth.⁠

Heal with me, clear & activate with me.⁠

Ascend together.⁠

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