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Victim Consciousness

Are you creating more lack in your life?

Hey you,

I want you to know that I understand things have happened that have been incredibly traumatic in your life.

I dont want anyone to take away what you have experienced.

It is your journey and your path.

But, there is a danger of choosing to remain a victim. It's one that will hold control over you and create more reason in your life to be a victim.

Staying in this energy will cause more pain, and lead to more struggle.

There is a fine line as a therapist like myself of allowing someone to grieve and express their emotions, or acting biased and becoming emotional with them.

As a human being, I empathize and understand the pain you have been through. I have been there too, my love. It kills me, it literally hurts my Soul to see you in pain.

But I also know that if I allow you to stay in this energy, it will bring you down even more.

So instead...the way I work with you, is to get you out of victim.

consciousness and into one of TOTAL EMPOWERMENT taking full

accountability for your life right here, right now.

How do I do that?

I allow you to grieve. I allow you to get angry. I allow you to safely

express your emotions.

Afterward, I act as higher awareness and help you see the bigger picture. I let you know how your energy is affecting your ability to co-create the life you truly desire and one that your heart wants for you.

Are you creating more lack in your life?

The Universe doesn't respond to your positive words. It responds to your ENERGY.

You can declare affirmations every day to no success because you aren't fully

connecting to the energy of the affirmation or are you taking inspired action to

receive the affirmation.

Let's talk money...

If you're declaring how much money you NEED...guess what...the Universe will

respond by providing more NEED in your life...more lacking!

If you are declaring how much you hate your life, how "everything bad" always

happens to you...guess're going to receive more of that!

That's why you see rich people continue to get rich...because they are in the energy of receiving. They know they will receive, they are already vibrating at a frequency of abundance.

They spend their money happily knowing its going to return to them.

What can you do to get into this energy of receiving...?

Let's stop counting the $$$.

Money is not your enemy.

Yes, it is a construct of the matrix.

But you didn't come here to suffer.

Money is form of energy and it can be easily manipulated and multiplied.

The Universe is limitless, so why are you limiting yourself?

Start seeing money as your friend.

All that it can provide you, and how much you are bettering the lives of those around you by receiving money.

Start looking at where you are spending or investing your money...who will it benefit? How will it help to create the world you want to see?

Are you funding large corporations that have caused small family run businesses to close?

Are you feeding your ego with quick fixes or are you nourishing your Soul?

Let's look at romantic relationships...

You have experienced emotional or physical abuse in the past that has scared you.

It's broken your trust with the opposite sex and now you are fearful or ever venturing into a new relationship.

But when you do, you experience the same abuse. It may be slightly different or not as prominent as your last relationship, but it's still there...

It doesn't matter who the person is, your energy is the same.

You don't trust them.

Your trauma is holding you back. The unhealed, unprocessed emotions are causing you to receive the same experience over and over again.

You carry the belief "It always happens to me", "why does everyone else get to be happy but not me?"....

Well... guess how the Universe responds to you...'s going to match that vibration and bring more reason for you to feel the

exact same way.

Take accountability for your life. Take ownership for who you are in this moment and allow it to empower you.

Allow it to inspire you to change.

Change your energy, change your perception, change your beliefs.


I had gut disease from unhealed trauma as a child. I wallowed in self pity. I was a victim my entire early life.

I was eventually sent the big kick I needed to change myself.

I didn't put my power into someone else and ask them to heal me.

I said enough is enough...

I want more for myself.

I want to finally start fucking LIVING!!

So...I decided to change.

I was guided to Quantum Healing and that's when my entire life changed for the better.

I was ready to heal.

I was ready to activate myself.

I was ready to embody my highest timeline.

And so it was.

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