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Join Live! iHEAL Quantum Healing Hypnosis

And it's back!


Retrograde is over (helloooo Saturn). So now I can announce, another group Past Life Regression session!

The first time I held the space for this, my energy was zapped for two weeks. These group sessions are super powerful!

I have limited the number of tickets available and a few of them have already been secured so make sure to register to guarantee your place. I will guide you into a lifetime that is affecting you negatively in your present life.

We will understand the trauma, the lesson, and together heal it, clear it & align you with your highest most successful timeline. This will allow you to manifest exactly what you desire if it's in your highest good and motivated from your heart space.

I will call in your higher self & ask questions that will activate your spiritual gifts & help you realise your higher purpose. Then we will end on a beautiful full body healing & ground you safely back down into Earth.

Where to register your place? - CLICK ME

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