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The Lyrans

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

My first incarnation was in the Lyra constellation onto a planet known as Avalon.

Here my Twin flame and I coexisted with dozens of different races. Unity consciousness expressing itself fully until we were slowly invaded by the Dracos.

Over thousands of years, they corrupted the minds of the Lyrans and Vegans with the Lyrans being more service to others, and Vega being more service to self.

When war finally broke out, the planet of Avalon was destroyed and many Lyrans fled to nearby constellations.

This loss of home has created a collective trauma within Lyran souls with the feeling of not belonging anywhere, and a longing for home.

If you are a Lyran starseed, you will connect into this feeling.

As a Lyran, you want to make an impact on the lives of those around you.

There is an urge within you to want to help others, help them to see the beauty within.

You will feel like a warrior wanting to fight for the underdog and stand up for your truth. Fighting for your freedom comes natural to you and you are always willing to go against the norm to stand up for your values and beliefs, no matter what the cost.

You love being in your physical body and are proud of who you are and the journey you are on.

Full of wisdom and great at providing incredible advice to those around you.

Protective instincts and will go to war with anyone who stands in your way.

Lyrans are drawn to ancient history and learning the higher perspective in all there is.

Constantly searching and searching for where it all began and where it is going. Natural born explorers and full of fire, enthusiasm and zest for life

Recognising the signs...

Your dreams are powerful gateways to higher

consciousness. In this state, Lyrans will appear as Lions, or Golden Light. They will shower you with love and connection. They will pass on messages and activate dormant light codes buried deep within your DNA.

As you go about your day, images of Lions will appear and you'll hear the word Lion consistently. They are trying to get your attention, to let you know they are near and guiding you.

Most Lyrans are born under the sign Leo or have a lot of Leo placement in their birth chart. They are fiery, playful and fiercely protective. If you are born under this sign and feel as though you are an old Soul, its likely you are Lyran and now you are

being guided to go deeper and begin connecting.

How did I connect?

Past Life Regression activated my connection to my Lyran Soul family...

I discovered my Lyran lineage through past life regression. One session swooped me onto my path of self discovery and the more I awakened to my connection with the Lyrans, the more strongly they came through to connect with me.

Just the other night, I was visited by them in my dreams....and this gift of

remembrance I have of my was activated through past life regression.

If you have a longing for somewhere yet to call home, always struggled to fit in, and carry a warrior-like is highly likely you are Lyran and now you are being called to open your channel to connect.

They are the most noble, and one of the oldest if not the oldest races in the entire cosmos. It is one of the most sacred, divine connections you could ever wish to receive.

So act upon your chance to connect and allow their high vibrational energy to rapidly ascend your consciousness and move you into your highest timeline, and one full of love, prosperity, happiness and joy.

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